Sunday, May 15, 2016

Featuring Member: Nancy Hines

Trained in the Classic tradition in Florence, Italy as well as throughout public school and universities in the US, my work has had many influences.  It will, no doubt, have many more as I move through this marvelous existence called life.  Born in Austin, I grew up a Marine brat and lived mainly in Virginia, California, and Texas - all very different cultures while fitting beautifully into the delightful unity that is America.  I had several different majors while at the University of Texas, including engineering, advertising, and finally music in which I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with voice as my principal instrument.  I worked a few years teaching gymnastics then returned to Sam Houston State University and earned a teaching certificate in art and theater.           
I taught art and theater in the Cypress-Fairbanks school district for several years and received some commissions for original art before discovering the value of atelier instruction through a workshop in Italy at the prestigious Angel Academy of Art in Florence.  I valued the instruction I received there so much that I cashed in my retirement to attend school in Florence full time… until the money ran out.
I chose not to return to teaching at that point, and for patriotic and adventurous reasons trained as an unexploded ordnance technician then took a job in that field with Northrup Grumman.  After spending a year digging up bombs and building targets for jets at Fallon Naval Air Station in Nevada and going through the process of being a live liver donor for my cousin, I was able to save enough money to return to Florence for further art studies.  I returned to teaching for three years during which I completed four portrait commissions and sold several hundred greeting cards based on my work. I began a Master of Fine Arts degree in 2011 and was able to get back to Italy in 2012.  I completed the program at Angel Academy of Art in 2013 as well as a Master of Fine Arts degree from Azusa Pacific University in California in 2014.
I continue to do commissioned work as well as original greeting cards and share my knowledge with up and coming artists at Cy-Ranch High School and Lonestar College.  This year also finds me venturing into a new business with friends called Insight Out.  We are creating coloring journalswhich combine coloring pages on specialized topics with journaling pages to help people through difficult circumstances.  Our first books deal with cancer and its treatments, identity awareness and acceptance, bullying, and the life of military brats (affectionate term from my own experiences).  We are very excited about these books that pair journaling and coloring in a manner that is bold and comforting at the same time.

I do offer classes!  During the summer, I offer private, semi-private, and group lessons in my home studio at the student's convenience.  During the school year, I offer the same on Monday and Wednesday afternoons or evenings.  Private $50/hr, Semi-private (2-3 people) $35/hr, groups of 4 or more $25/hr

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