Monday, May 30, 2016

Featuring Member: John M. Deleon

"Alvaro", 16"x 20", Oil on Canvas

John M. Deleon
San Antonio Texas.

Artist statement:

My subject matter is primarily the human form, not only in portraits but in the human figure as well. My figures and portraits are in a realistically rendered to accurately represent its form. In the past I have worked mostly with pencil charcoal and pastels. I also work in digital painting however, not as much as I have worked in the latter mediums. I have worked slightly in oils but for the most part it has been in dry mediums. I also work in the fantasy genre but I approach it with the same realistic visual theme.

My goals in art are to extend what I can do in pencil and charcoal to oil painting and digital painting. I feel that art is not as prominent in our everyday lives as it once was. Everyone should have art in their lives in a personal and touching way. I think that by specializing in portrait and fantasy portrait work I can bring art into the homes of more people. It is my goal to strengthen my skills in painting so that I can do my part in bringing art into the lives of more people.

I do not offer classes, but I do commissioned works in pencil, charcoal, or oil paints. 

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