Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Featuring Member: Anastasiya (Chybireva-Fender)

"Olin as an Ephebe" 16x20" Color Pencils and Gesso

Name: Anastasiya (Chybireva-Fender)
Current City: Dallas
Instagram : @anastasiya_cf

Artist Statement/Bio:
I am a convinced realist with broad specter of experience in subject matter and style in my past. Also I am an Architect in TX/ NY.

My current work deals with portraiture and figure because I consider human being to be a total paradigm of the cosmic beauty, people are holy in some ways. Also human character - that is idiosyncratic to each individual - invisible and ephemeral as it is, can only be captured through portraiture. Quality portraiture. And that is my goal and the reality of my practice.

I offer private and group lessons at people's homes. I would drive to them for their convenience. The details would be arranged over the phone: 516-474-7893

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