Friday, May 27, 2016

Featuring Member: Ceci Luepnitz

"Thank Him for the World so Sweet!", 12"x16", Oil on Linen

Name: Ceci Luepnitz
City: College Station, texas

Bio: It's impossible to talk about my painting without talking about my love for God and my deep desire to please Him in all I do. I believe that all artistic endeavors made by men depend on God and should be used for His glory and that no artist can paint anything worthwhile unless God enables them. He is the one who created all of the beauty of this earth and the one who created each and every person completely unique down to the last detail!
The purpose of my art is to make an effort to record the beauty of God's creation on canvas, and I believe portrait painting is the most challenging of all artistic endeavors. It is my goal and desire to work diligently to capture not only my client's physical likeness, but also the dignity and uniqueness of their individual character and personality. My desire is that each painting will be a blessing to the client and their family for many years to come.

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