Saturday, October 27, 2018

Renaissance Masters’ Oil Painting Workshop: Verdaccio Underpainting & Glazing

D.K. Richardson will be teaching a Renaissance Masters’ Oil Painting Workshop: Verdaccio Underpainting & Glazing.  Five and a half days at Degallery in College Station, Texas, November 11-16, 2018. Students of all levels accepted - no experience required. We will cover use of a grid, contour drawing, mixing a value range in green for the underpainting, mixing glazes for the final layers, controlling paint application, and adding beautiful detail.    

Friday, October 19, 2018

Announcing the Winner of the People's Choice Award!

The winner of the People's Choice Award in the PSoA Texas Member Exhibition is 
"Looking Forward" by Juan Cantavella
"Looking Forward" by Juan Cantavella!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Nancy Boren in the Spotlight!

Congratulations to Nancy Boren of winning Best of Show twice in a row!

Here is an excerpt from her recent email that I think you will all enjoy. 
"I am so thrilled!! The model for Spring Pink is my friend who is the mother of the young woman who posed for Queen of the Mirabella."

Below are both of her award-winning paintings. 
Congratulations Nancy! 
You make Texas proud!

"Spring Pink" by Nancy Boren
Best of Show
American Impressionist Society 2018
"Queen of the Mirabella" by Nancy Boren
Best fo Show
PSoA Texas Members Exhibition 2018

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Fredericksburg, Texas: Acrylic Portrait Workshop with Chantel Barber

Capturing Character In The Acrylic Portrait
November 12-16, 2018
Tuition $525 plus $30 model fee
This comprehensive five day workshop is designed to share tips and techniques learned from over twenty-five years of working in the acrylic medium. Chantel’s gentle teaching style will enrich the painting skills of beginners and advanced artists alike as she demonstrates painting the portrait from reference photos, without losing the energy and vitality of working from life.
Chantel will also demonstrate painting the portrait from a model and share valuable insight into the differences between working from life versus photos. 
Students will learn: essential acrylic materials and how to use them, what photographs make the best references for portrait painting, editing (what you leave out is just as important as what you keep in), color mixing tips, and techniques for working from a model. Students will also learn the importance of edges when working in acrylic. Students are encouraged to bring their own photographs for the reference photo portion of the workshop (Chantel will have some on hand if needed). Oil painters are welcome and can benefit from techniques taught.
Chantel’s passion for art began flourishing at age 12 when she was mentored under local San Diego artists. She continued to study art, largely self-taught, while living in Newport, Rhode Island and Keflavik, Iceland. While enrolled in a college art course, a fellow student introduced her to acrylic paints, and she soon found it to be a medium dominated by abstract art. But her first love was portraiture for which she found little advice. As she dreamed of perfecting her skills as an acrylic portrait artist, Chantel continued to learn from professional oil painters and translated their teachings into acrylic techniques. All the while, she remained active in local art communities, including serving as President of Artists’ Link in Memphis, Tennessee.
In 2006, Chantel opened her own art business called Chantel's Originals near Memphis Tennessee. Chantel soon benefited from workshops and demonstrations with outstanding artists including Dawn Whitelaw, Michael Shane Neil, Suzie Baker, and Marc Hanson. Chantel is currently the National Coordinator of the State Ambassador program for the Portrait Society of America, and is also a member of The Chestnut Group, and the National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society.
Chantel has been featured in solo art shows and juried exhibitions. Her award winning paintings are in private and public collections throughout the United States and overseas. Her work is published in Acrylic Artist magazine, American 
Art CollectorSouthwest ArtThe Artist’s MagazineFine Art Connoisseur, International Artist and several books. She regularly blogs at Chantel resides in Bartlett, Tennessee where she teaches online and in workshops throughout the United States and Canada.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Kim Roberti: One-Woman Show!

Artist: Kim Roberti
You won't want to miss member, Kim Roberti's, One Woman Show.

Kim also has a piece in the 
Exhibition of the Texas Members of the Portrait Society of America
both on display at the 
Breckenridge Fine Arts Center in Breckenridge, Texas. 

Plan an art-filled road trip and come see these two wonderful exhibitions. 
Closing dates October 26, 2018

207 North Breckenridge Ave
Breckenridge, Texas
Call 254-559-6602 for days and hours of operation

Sunday, September 16, 2018

2018 Texas Members Show Award Winners!

Texas Member Show Award Winners
l-r Nancy Boren, Jing Zhao, Tanja Gant, Lenore Prudhomme, Juan Cantavella
It is with great pleasure that I announce the award winners of our very first Texas Members Exhibition. Each photo includes comments by our wonderful judge, Tina Garrett.

It was a real privilege to be invited to judge the First Texas Portrait Society Member’s Exposition. This is the first PSoA show I’ve been invited to judge and I fully understand and respect all the judges who have had to chose winners in the shows I’ve been in. There are many factors that helped me decide which paintings to select as winners and a couple works that I wish I could have fitted into this list of top 5 out of 75. Overall I looked for an understanding of the medium, hints that works were composed and not only replications of photos, accurate drawing and value understanding and interesting color and brushwork. I appreciate everyone’s work and their bravery in entering a juried show and I hope all the artists will keep working on their own paths to mastery. The world needs more artists and can never have enough great art! -Tina Garrett


Honorable Mention: Juan Cantavella, Looking Forward

There were some lovely works to chose from and the subtle color and attention to detail and accurate drawing gave this one the edge. 

3rd Place: Lenore Prudhomme, Acacia

This is a beautiful study. The fresh brushwork and splashes of color were delightful to look at up close in this piece. I kept zooming in to see the magic.

2nd Place: Tanja Gant, Sienna 

There is a beautiful peacefulness achieved in this tender drawing. I appreciate the simple composition and the illusion of gentle form and I love the execution of the reflected light on her jaw. I would love to see this artist's most recent works. 

1st Place: Jing Zhao, Check My Phone First
There is a lot that can be said with a suggestion and for me, that always wins over a rendering. So many artists torture the brushwork to death leaving a static and uninteresting surface. I loved the simple yet confident brushwork and the concentrated chroma in this lovely work. All of this supports her posture and the mood. It is excellent. 

Best of Show: Nancy Boren, Queen of the Mirabella

There is so much to entertain in this work with its fabulous color and mark making. I held this one aside from the start and compared all others to it. It is a high bar and I hope all the artists who attend will take a moment to look closely at it in person and enjoy the power of its simplicity, flavor, and energy. Well done!