Sunday, August 13, 2017

Houston Face-Off a Great Success!

Many thanks to Rhonda Lanclos for hosting our Houston Face-Off and securing such a  great venue. Thank you to all the participating artists, models, our awesome supportive members and all who spent the afternoon with us. You made this a very day!

Vicky Gooch
Robin Williamson
Rhonda Lanclos
Mohammad Ali Bhatti
Lenore Prud'Homme
Eddie Filer
Daniela Werneck
Carolyn Hancock
Brenda Hash
Alix Dunn
Ann Stoudenmire

Friday, August 4, 2017

Congratulations to Ken MacFarlane!

"More BS", 16"x 20", Oil
Congratulations to Ken MacFarlane on winning the Travis H. Toland Memorial Award in the 26th Annual Juried Art Show in Breckenridge Fine Art Center's 26th Annual Juried Art Show! 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Introducing New Member: Mohammad Ali Bhatti

Name: Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ali Bhatti
Current City: Houston, Texas

Artist Statement:
Painting portraits is my passion. I started drawing when I was two years old and since then, making pictures has been at the core of my existence. As I grew up, I was privileged to work with some of the most accomplished portrait painters as their apprentice. During my training, I learned every technical and aesthetic aspect of portrait painting.I have been blessed with a gift, and it’s incredibly satisfying to know that I can use my talent to bring joy into the lives of others. My art circles around the people of various cultures, as it is often the vehicle which relays the connection.
Portraits are a predominant part of my work as I am fascinated and challenged by the changes in age, experience, the environment, lighting, and background.Every portrait I paint provides me with the opportunity to create a work of art that exhibits both beauty and timelessness.
The physical process of applying paint with a brush creates a dynamic energy that is impossible to replicate through any mechanical process. I encourage my subjects to pose from life, as often as their schedules can permit, because it gives me time to get to know them better. Working from direct observation gives me the opportunity to observe and incorporate more subtle tones of form and color into my painting. For me, the process of painting from life is incredibly exciting, but I understand that in today’s world, it’s not possible for most people to devote the time necessary to have their portraits done entirely from live sittings. Therefore, I have dedicated myself to perfecting my photographic skills in order to ensure that my reference materials provide me with the very best possible visual information to work from.It’s exciting to consider the possibility that one day my painting may become a cherished heirloom, providing deep meaning for many generations to come.

  • 1998     PhD in Interdisciplinary Arts
  • School of Interdisciplinary Arts, Ohio University, Ohio, USA
  • 1991     MFA Painting Major, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, USA 
  • 1978     MA Fine Arts, University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan
  • 1974     BA Fine Arts, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan


  • 1978-1988     Professor and Director, Institute of Art and Design, University of Sindh, Pakistan.
  • 1988-1990     Served as Curator, Fine Art Gallery, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, USA.
  • 1991-1992     Assistant Prof. Department of Fine Arts, Ohio University Athens, (Teaching responsibilities: Drawing, Painting and Art History)
  • 1993-1995    Teaching Assistant- School of Comparative Arts, Ohio University, Athens (Teaching responsibilities: Painting, and Humanities through the Arts)
  • 1993-1995     Assistant Professor, School of Fine Art, Ohio University Southern Campus, Ironton (Teaching responsibilities: Drawing, Painting, and Humanities through the Arts)
  • 2003-2006     School of Art, University Sains Malaysia (Contract)
  • 2007-2011     Institute of Art and Design, University of Sindh, Pakistan.


Selected Solo Shows

  • 2016     “Splendours of color” Two Man at Ocean Gallery Karachi
  • 2016     Fist Prize winner at Water Color Society Houston TX
  • 2016     Honorable Mention 16th International Water Color Competition Houston
  • 2015     Nomad Art Gallery Islamabad
  • 2014    “Empty Souls” Momart Art Gallery, Karachi
  • 2013     “Spirited Hues” Mussawir Art Gallery Dubai
  • 2013     “Absurd Illusions” at Nomad Art Gallery Islamabad
  • 2012     “Silent Symphonies” at Collectors Galleria, Lahore
  • 2012     “Simple Improvisations” at Ocean Gallery, Karachi
  • 2010     “Sounds of Colors” at Revivers Galleria, Lahore
  • 2009     “Realistic Expressions” at Gallery 6, Islamabad
  • 2009     “Colors of the Indus” at Chowkandi Art Gallery, Karachi
  • 2008     French Consulate gallery, Karachi
  • 2008     “Impressions of Nepal” Sidharatha Art Gallery Nepal,
  • 2007     University of Sindh, Old Campus, Hyderabad
  • 2007     Majmua Art Gallery Karachi
  • 2005     Dr. Suchart Art Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2004     Diwan Budaya, Pennang, Malaysia
  • 1996     International Art Gallery, Athens, Ohio, United States
  • 1993     Hamilton Art Gallery, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, United States
  • 1991     Love Land Art Gallery Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, United States
  • 1990     Erie Museum of Art, Erie Pennsylvania, United States
  • 1990     One Man Show at St. Louis Art Gallery, St. Louis, United States
  • 1987     Sindh Artists Guild, International Art Exhibition, Hyderabad
  • 1983     “Unveiling of a creative portrait of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai,” Institute of Sindhology, Jamshoro
  • 1983     One Man Show at Pakistan Council of the Arts, Karachi
  • 1982     American Centre, Hyderabad
  • 1981     Institute of Sindhology, Jamshoro
  • 1978     University of Punjab, Lahore

Group Shows


  • Member, Board of Governor, National College of Arts, Lahore
  • Member, Board of Directors, SITCO (Sindh Indigenous and Traditional Craft Company)
  • Member Board of Governor, Centre of Excellence Art and Design, Mehran University
  • President. Sindh Artists Guild, Pakistan
  • Member, College Artists Association, USA
  • Member, Portrait Painters Association, USA
  • Member, Watercolor Painters Association, USA
  • Member, SAARC Painters Society, India

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Spotlight On Mary Plaia

BFA New York Institute of Technology, Magna Cum Laude
Scholarship Recipient, Traphagen School of Fashion
Exhibitions in New York and Texas

Himba Tribesman
Pastel 18x24

Precious Moments, Oil on linen, 24" x 30

As I reflect on the early years that framed my life, as far back as kindergarten, at age 5, I was given three colors to work with red yellow, and blue.  My teacher noticed the swirly lines in my painting and yelled “Stop!” She then ran to the back of the room and added a black dot.  That dot was the eye that  declared it a "seahorse" and was  then  displayed in the auditorium for all to see.  All I can now recall was how proud my mom was and how she would always encourage me to continue my art. 
At eight years old, I was abducted by a stranger and threatened with a knife against my throat. I believe  my  faith enabled my escape, however, the trauma had a profound effect on my physical health, my faith, and my art! 
During one of my childhood hospital stays, a volunteer worker provided me with art material and worked with me. Her visits got me through each day and I will always be grateful for her encouragement.  In retrospect, I realized that early on, I learned that focusing on my art was constructive in filtering my pain into something positive which continues to give me a sense of accomplishment and joy today.
Coming from a family of limited financial resources and the oldest of four daughters, l chose a high school that was known to be progressive in the arts and therefore enabled  students to develop a portfolio worthy to qualify for art scholarships.
Around that time, I became aware of the changing times and challenges for women in the arts, in the workplace and in higher education. After high school my peers were planning their weddings . Back then the family mind set for some, was that their limited funds allotted for education, should go to the boys as opposed to the girls! 
My determination paid off when my portfolio was reviewed personally by the founder of the Traphagen School of Design  in N. Y. C . Ethel Traphagen was a renowned fashion illustrator who broke through many barriers for women when she and her husband William R. Leigh,  a famous sought after western painter, founded the pioneer design school in 1923. One year into my program, she passed away . 
That Scholarship had an impact on my life.  It was such an honor when I was asked to remain on to teach there on a daily basis.  During my tenure of nearly two decades, I served in many capacities, including assistant director.
The beginner's  curriculum enforced the importance of anatomy, figure drawing, line quality, values, color theory, painting, dressmaker details and fabric renderings. Those basics were essential in developing their designs and elongated and stylized figures in illustrations.  At that time,  I did not realize how those fundamentals are also applied to figurative and portraiture paintings.  
Although there were times that I had to put "my me" time and creative impulses on hold, every chance I got I would work in my art studio. My favorite subject matter was painting my children in their growing up years.  I was also privileged to work in groups  with many talented artists. 
With the rising cost of tuition, this juggling act enabled me to afford to send my two daughters to college. Today I am proud to say that currently in their forties they are accomplished in their careers while raising their children. 
As I reflect on pivotal moments in my life that inspired me to choose an art career, I know that it was never about acquiring status or wealth. Like my mother, who got her GED when I was in my forties, I always had a lust for learning and accomplishment.  Ironically, I too returned to school when my 18 year old started college.  I graduated Magna Cum Laude with my BFA from New York Institute of Technology majoring in the professional teaching program.  I guess mothers tend to lead by example.  More importantly, mentoring gave me the opportunity to share my passion and joy. I was blessed with the positive reinforcements and support l received from mentors, family and friends. I believe with strong faith and a sense of self we can overcome our limitations!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

CALL FOR ARTISTS: Houston Area Face-Off


If you are a member of the Portrait Society of America and live in the Houston area, this call is for you!
The first twelve, yes, twelve, artists to respond will be chosen.
Priority will be given to those who have not yet participated in a Face-Off.   However,  I would still be happy to hear from you as well because... did I mention the call is for TWELVE artists?

Date: August 12, 2017
Time: 1pm-4pm
Winter Street Studios 
2101 Winter Street
Houston Texas 77007

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Dallas Face-Off Photos

Face-Off Participants from l-r
Ismail Mahmood, Linda Manus Smith, Gene Dillard, Henry Prikryl, David Philips, Carol Devereaux

Carol Devereaux
Carol, owner of "Studio D" and hostess for the Dallas Face-Off. Thank you, Carol!!!

David Philips
Henry Prikryl
Gene Dillard
Ismail Mahmood
Linda Manus Smith
Our Model: Logan
Many thanks to our participating artists, our great model, Logan, fellow Portrait Society Members who came out to show support and to all who were in attendance. It was a great "Face-Off" because of each and every one of you! 

Friday, May 26, 2017

Anna Rose Bain Demo, June 13, 2017

Dear Artists:
Anna Rose Bain

ANNA ROSE BAIN DEMO: The evening prior to her June workshop at Studio D, Anna will present an alla prima portrait demonstration. Join us for some beautiful painting and light refreshment.

WHEN: Tuesday, June 13th from 7-9 p.m.
WHERE: Studio D--northwest corner of Spring Creek Valley Shopping Center, corner of Beltline and Coit in Richardson.
7989 Beltline Road.
RSVP: to reserve your spot.

Looking forward to seeing you then!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Art of the Portrait Conference, Atlanta 2017

Getting all the Texas members together for a group photo was, well, impossible. Here are the best photos I was able to get. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Introducing New Member and Certificate of Excellence, 2017 Winner, Eddie Filer

It was a great pleasure meeting Eddie Filer at the Portrait Conference in Atlanta. He is kind, humble and extremely talented. I will let you know when his website, which is currently being revised, is up and running.
Welcome, Eddie,  and Congratulations!!!

NAME: Eddie Filer
CURRENT CITY: Texas City, Texas

Certificate of Excellence, 2017
"Uncle Martin", 
14x18,  Oil on Belgian linen 


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Pecan Plantation Art Guild Spring Show

Pecan Plantation Art Guild will hold its Spring Show (just for members) on Memorial Day weekend (May 26-29) at the Langdon Center Concert Hall at 308 E. Bridge St., Granbury. Our judge is watercolorist Randy Meador
Reception on Saturday, May 27, 2017 
The fine Western watercolor art of Fort Worth, Texas artist Randy Meador. His paintings are quite at home whether nestled in metropolitan or cowboy decor.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Portrait Society of America Conference, Atlanta 2017

The Art of the Portrait Conference in Atlanta is now in the history books. I returned with copious notes and hundreds of photos, some of which I will share over several posts. Meanwhile, you can almost feel like you were there by visiting Underpaintings Magazine, a website belonging to Matthew Innis. There you will find the Competition Winners, paintings from the Face-Off and the artists in action. 

Below is the painting that took the highest honor, the Draper Grand Prize, by artist extraordinaire, David Jon Kassan

A truly masterful work!

David Jon Kassan 
Draper Grand Prize
"Love and Resilience, Portrait of Louise and Lazar Farkas, Survivors of the Shoah," 46x42", oil on panel

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Spotlight On: Barbara Hack

NAME: Barbara Hack
CITY: Dallas, TX
BIO: Barbara Hack’s work is an ongoing reflection on people and their emotions. Working predominantly in painting mediums, Barbara relishes the challenge of realistic portraiture, and her subject matter reflects her love for figurative work. But she pushes beyond realism, as well, in her desire to capture resonant moments in time. Her work pursues figures from the past with their moods and their contexts. Ephemeral figures are momentary presences that are nonetheless powerful enough to make lasting, even shaping, impressions. Barbara attempts to understand these figures and their ephemerality and to share that understanding with others.
Barbara received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in drawing and painting after intensive study in Europe and additional training in New York. Since then, she has continued to harness her artistic talents to drive her professional career. Work in portraiture, fashion illustration, and as a courtroom artist have all allowed Barbara to challenge herself with alternative contexts for figurative artistry, and in a variety of mediums, including graphite, pastels, prismacolor and oils. She and her husband, Greg, are proud parents of two daughters, Madison and Whitney. Barbara teaches studio artist’s classes to tweens, teens and adults where her love of art and her desire to create quality art for herself is a wonderful influence on her students.
"Inception of Point", Oil,  Diptych, 
30" x 55"

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

PSoA, TX Chapter: Article about Member, Michael Gillespie

How one Studio Art alumnus continues to follow his passion and maintain a steady career painting

Michael%20GillespieMichael Gillespie (B.F.A., Art Education, 1983) recently completed the biggest portrait commission of his career — a portrait of Ray and Nancy Hunt, of Hunt Oil Co., in Dallas. He described the work as a “rare honor.” Over the years, he’s worked as an artist and teacher in various capacities. The Dallas-based painter(link is external) took time to speak with the College of Fine Arts about how he continues to grow as an artist and how he stays involved and excited in his craft.

Tell me a little bit about your career, art and otherwise, and what you’re up to these days.

I was doing church music before studying art at UT. When I graduated with a B.F.A., I worked as an illustrator for several years and continued as church choral director part time. I always had a knack for “getting a likeness,” and gradually started doing more portrait commissions as the illustration market died away. There’s something about drawing or painting a human face that fascinates me, even though I also enjoy figure painting and drawing. I also do a lot of outdoor plein air painting of landscapes, some of which I sell online, and some in a gallery.
Like most artists, I have done various things to pay the bills. I currently teach part time at Dallas Baptist University, a survey course called “Introduction to Fine Arts,” for non-arts majors. And I do some small group teaching in my community.
I was artist-in-residence at a five-star hotel in Italy for a month a couple of years ago, where I taught guests and sold some paintings. I plan to return to Italy to paint this summer.

Is there a type of painting you particularly enjoy?

Most of my work is done in oil or pastel, but I sometimes experiment with watercolor. Portrait painting seems to be an art form that is more popular in the deep south, by tradition. Otherwise, it’s mainly for high-profile people. Most people think of photography first to capture someone’s likeness.
A%20painting%20of%20David%20learned%20about%20his%20son's%20death.%20I do a commissioned portrait about once per year now. An artist’s work evolves over time, and I am becoming more interested in figurative work that is more personal. For example, When David Heard was inspired by a choral composition on the same theme. It’s about the Biblical David lamenting the death of his son. The painting is done in a very realistic style. I have won several awards for it, and it was sold. One thing that has helped me through the years is the amount of figure drawing that was required at UT. I think training the eye that way is extremely valuable for art students, whatever genre they pursue. 

Photo credits: Top: Michael Gillespie. Bottom: When David Heard, by Michael Gillespie. Courtesy photos.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

PSoA, TX Chapter, East Texas Face-Off Report

Many thanks to participating East Texas artists
model Michael Schwandt,
Hope Pointe Anglican Church and Robert Shaw, Executive Pastor, 
fellow Portrait Society of America artists and all who were in attendance. 
You all made our first East Texas Face-Off a great success!

Susan Hotard

Suzie Greer Baker

Partha Chinnasamy

Rosslyn Duncan

Brenda Hash

Nancy Hines