Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Artist Spotlight: D.K. Richardson

D.K. Richardson of Austin, TX, is this month's Spotlight Artist. If you would like to be in the spotlight, please email Anna at to submit your information.

Artist D.K. Richardson
Exciting News from D.K. Richardson:

D.K.'s pastel painting “Evening Prayer” won Best of Show for in the 2013 Austin Pastel Society’s Annual Member’s Only Exhibition. It also just placed as a finalist in the 2013 ARC Salon.

Upcoming Demo: 
D.K. Richardson will be doing a portrait demo for our next Meet-and-Greet on May 18, 2013 in Houston! Stay tuned for more details!

Upcoming Workshops:
    Pastel Portraits
    April 5th and 6th, 2013
      Jerry’s Artarama, Austin, TX
     $190  (Plus $30 for supplies)
"Evening Prayer" by D.K. Richardson
    Oil Portraits                     
    June 13th  – 15th, 2013
    Breckinridge Fine Arts Center, Breckenridge, TX 
    $220  (Bring your own supplies – list will be 

Contact Debra at: 830-928-3393 or

Interview with Spotlight Artist for March, D.K. Richardson: 

1) When and how did you first became seriously interested in art? I was fortunate to have a school teacher tell my mom that I was able to draw and color beyond the level of my peers. Growing up, when asked what I wanted to be, my reply was always, “I am going to be a famous artist.” I’m not sure what made me say “famous”. I’m still working on that part! Art has always been the main focus of my attention.

2) What is your training, and what medium(s) / subject matter do you work in? I was a Fine Art major at Abilene Christian University and credit much of my early knowledge to Dr. Brent Green. I work primarily in pastel and oil.

"Ella" by D.K. Richardson
3) What do you express in your work?  My focus is on capturing the essence of a person’s spirit – that “something” beyond what we see and touch that makes each of us unique.

4) What artists/professionals have been your biggest influences? As a child I studied with an artist, Mazie Sororus, who was native to and trained in Paris, France. Dr. Brent Green was the next major influence who helped mold my artistic vision in college. In the last few years, Daniel Greene has been the biggest influence. Others I watch and admire are Anthony Rider, David Gray, and Jacob Collins.

5) What do you do to gain new inspiration for your work? I am never without inspiration. Often an emotion or something I see triggers ideas. I am mostly concerned that I will never be able to paint all the ideas I have and that will come to me.

6) What would you like to be doing with your art ten years from now? I hope to have more international exposure for my work. In the next ten years I want to be teaching more workshops to encourage and help build confidence in other artists. The only thing that holds     any of us back from being what we want and dream of is fear.

7) Do you set goals for yourself concerning the making of your art? I set goals, but they are more in the form of thoughts and role playing. I don’t always write them down.

8) Are you happy with your job choice as an artist? Do you have any regrets in this career choice or things you would have done differently?  Nothing is more exciting to me than being an artist. The only regret I have is that I was not more confident in my earlier years. I wish I had been braver!

9) Any fun or interesting facts about yourself that you'd like to share?  I studied filmmaking in NYC for four years. That time thinking about “painting with a camera”; movement; emotion, helped me develop how I think about my subjects and made my compositions    stronger.

10) Best piece of advice for other artists? Stop being afraid! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

"Sittin' on the Fence" by D.K. Richardson
Cell: 830-928-3393