Sunday, February 5, 2017

Spotlight on: Stephen Zhang, 2017 Texas Top Ten

Name: Stephen Zhang
City: Plano, TX

" Rialto",  36" x 48", Watercolor on paper

Current solo exhibition: 
Stephen Zhang’s solo exhibition “Flow” is on view at the Artists Showplace Gallery, from February 4 to March 415615 Coit Road, Suite 230, Dallas, Texas 75248.

Bio and Artist Statement:
Born in China, Stephen Zhang grew up in his father’s studios, who was an artist and professor. After getting his BFA and spending a few years teaching in college, Stephen came to the U.S. for his MFA degree at University of North Texas. As a result, he is the product of both classical Chinese and contemporary Western cultures.
Stephen Zhang has a special connection with watercolor, which bridges Eastern and Western sensitivities. In watercolor, the fluidity, unpredictability, and surprise are embodiments of Taoist philosophy that Stephen follows. The opposing forces between complexity and simplicity, controlling and letting go, external and internal, and subject and object are contradictions that he finds fascination in.
Through his art, Stephen tells stories beyond the surface, and he expresses the spirits of both human and nature. As part of the world, each person or place has a unique story and possesses unique Qi (spirit). His painting process brings these stories and Qi to life. Meantime, his paintings are also discoveries of the infinite patterns and design in nature. Through his work, Stephen aims to create a world in which people can be lost, feel refreshed, and find solace 
For years, Stephen has had parallel careers as a design leader and an artist. His artworks have been accepted and awarded by Chinese National Exhibition, Infiniti National Art Competition, Watercolor U.S.A., Transparent Watercolor Society, Portrait Society of America and American Watercolor Society. Besides, he has been recognized by numerous international design organizations and competitions.
MFA—University of North Texas
BFA—Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, China.

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