Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Winners of the 2017 Texas Top Ten Competition

Thank you to all who entered the 2017 Texas Top Ten Competition and to our esteemed judge, Michael Mentler

Drum roll, please..........
The following artists are the winners of the 2017 Texas Top Ten Competition. 

 Gini Morelock-Bosco, Turquoise Earrings

Stephen Zhang, Rialto, 36x48", watercolor on paper

Karen Offutt, Lighthouse, 24x18", Oil on board

Nancy Boren, Sing Your Song 20x20", oil on canvas

Ann Kraft Walker,  Never Fails, 12x14", oil on canvas

Bo TanBill Gates, 44x60, oil on canvas

Jennifer Balkan,  Sisters, 24x30", oil on wood panel 

 James Tennison, Governor Rick Perry, 30x25", oil

 Naomi Hughes, Girl in Yellow

Suzie Baker, Vigil, 30x24", oil on linen

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