Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Stellar "Keller" Review!

I can not tell you enough what a great show "We the People" turned out to be.   The Arts Board, the city staff, Mayor and Council members and our citizens all love it.    We were thrilled to see it wasn't a bank president  "stodgy, stiff" portrait style show. ( Which is what most thought, I'm sure, when I suggested it.)   This was an awesome collection of style, media and vibrant  REAL people from all walks of life....just exactly what we were after.   The faces captured so beautifully by these amazing artists, tell the story; these are the voters of this great nation in all their diversity and interests.   The Keller citizens that came to Town Hall during early voting were blown away by these wonderful images and we received many great comments and accolades.   We can not thank you enough for sharing your art with our community.  The "paint off" was a fun and novel addition to the reception and a fabulous opportunity for people to see professional artists at work. They all three did an amazing, spellbinding job.   Thank you!
Thanks again for an awesome show!!!   

Brenda J. Wyatt
Chair- Keller Public ARTS

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