Monday, June 13, 2016

Featuring Member: Rhonda Lorkowski

"Edna" 16"x 20", Oil

Name: Rhonda Lorkowski
City: Euless, Texas 
LinkedIn: Rhonda Lorkowski

Rhonda holds a master of education from the University of North Texas was was a school counselor for fifteen years. Art is a part of Rhonda's family's tradition which includes generations of painters, sculptors and musicians.
 Her first love is portraiture. The appeal of capturing a person’s essence - both physical and spiritual - which produces a likeness of a person “from the inside out” is the connection it evokes from the viewer of the portrait. More than landscape, still life, seascape, cityscape or abstract, portraiture can create mood and elicit feeling from the viewer.  “I want to make evident the subject’s personality using color, expression, the setting, posture, and even the clothes he or she wears.”

The artist works in oils on 20 x 24 inch, or larger, linen canvas using primarily a realistic style.  Rhonda enjoys painting cityscapes and landscapes and draws upon her excursions to France, Belgium, England, Scotland, and Italy for architectural detail in her paintings.   The visual impact of viewing great art in person is impossible to duplicate.  Rhonda recharges her “artistic batteries” at museums and cathedrals in Europe and the United States.  

Artist's Statement
“I believe drawing the subject freehand imprints that person’s features in my mind and heart, so that when I begin the actual painting, I can use my artist’s eye in depicting that individual’s features and characteristics from memory.  I follow a method used by Rembrandt and the other “Old Masters”.  That tradition is important to me as an artist.  It is not the fastest way to complete a portrait. But if this process was good enough for Rembrandt, it is good enough for me!”  

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