Sunday, June 5, 2016

Featuring Member: Jeannene Stricklin

"Sam",  20"x24", Oil on Canvas

Name: Jeannene Stricklin 
Current City: Tyler
Artist Statement:
I have loved to draw and paint on and with anything that would make a mark all my life.
I've attended UTA as an art major but left because I was faced with the then current trend of abstract expressionism
It was in workshops that I finally found the technical knowledge that I needed 
I've been fortunate enough to have been to Charles Reid's ,Daniel Greens and many more 
Although I have done commission life has blessed me in such a way that I can paint whatever I want and the pressure of doing them l find to stressful 
My goal in my work is to produce a good painting that I like and now at 84 they ,my paintings,are scattered all over the country .
We who been blessed with the "need" to do this I consider so lucky.
Life can be not going our way, but give us a pencil or a paintbrush and we go to another place and for that moment,like is good again.

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