Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spotlight on Steve Ko, Texas Top Ten 2016

"My friend and mentor, Matthew",  16x20", oil on canvas

Name: Steve Ko
Current City: Lewisville, TX
Instagram: stevekoartstudio

1) When and how did you first become seriously interested in Art?  

Ever since when I was seven, I have always wanted to be an artist.  My grandfather who was a professional photographer took me to art museums every chance he had.   That's how I became interested in art.

2) What is your training, and what medium(s) / subject matter do you work in?

I went to Art Center College of Design (Illustration major) where I received classical training from Burne Hogarth, Harry Carmean, Gary Meyer, and Steve Huston just to name a few.  I work with every medium but oil has been my favorite.
Portrait painting has been my main subject matter because of my business but I love painting landscapes as well.

3) What do you try to express in your work? 

The more I paint, the more I realize painting is philosophical.  Through colors and brush works, I try to bring out different emotions and rhythm - softness, boldness, etc.

4) What artists/professionals have been your biggest influences? 

I must say John Singer Sargent has been my greatest influence.  While I love many artists, Sargent's brush works have been the most inspirational to me.  I've learned how to sculpt my paintings through him.

5) What do you do to gain new inspiration for your work? 

Looking at paintings of old masters and contemporary masters truly helps me stir up my desire to paint all the time.  Thank God for good artists out there.

6) What would you like to be doing with your art ten years from now

Well, I would love to paint in my studio staying healthy. Hopefully, I'd love to see some grandchildren painting next to me as well.  As much as painting gives me joy, there's nothing like the happiness that my family brings.

7) Do you set goals for yourself concerning the making of your art?

Yes.  Without goals, I don't get anywhere.

8) Are you happy with your job choice as an artist? Do you have any regrets in this career choice or things you would have done differently? 

I am absolutely happy that I am an artist.  I heard that art is the most popular thing that people do after they retire.  I am glad I started early.

9) Any fun or interesting facts about yourself that you'd like to share?

My family and friends know that I love driving big cars like buses or trucks.  Don't be surprised if you see me driving kids around in a school bus one day (My wife says, "not now").

10) Best piece of advice for other artists? 

I really think there is no short-cut in art.  Every time you work on paintings, you will get better.  Wouldn't you agree?

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